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Penny Stocks set to explode

Penny stocks (in the US) is a “common” stock which typically trades for under $5 per share and is usually traded OTC or over-the-counter.  You can usually find out about penny stocks through a variety of stock quotation services (e.g. OTC Bulletin Board, Pink Sheets, etc.).  Despite the fact that these types of stocks are said to trade “thinly”, hundreds …Continue reading →

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Origins of diamonds

How are diamonds created Diamond is the result of the crystallization of carbon in the depths of the earth, more than 180 km from the surface in the earth’s mantle, which has enough energy to make the magic ‘s operates. Under a pressure of 60,000 atmospheres and temperatures above 1500 ° Celcius the carbon dissolves, transits to a molten metal …Continue reading →

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